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Learn How "Keto OS and Ketosis" Can Help With: Weight Loss, Reduce Brain Fog, Better Energy, Restful Sleep.... 

4 Minute Video Below Explains How

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Real Testimonials from Real People In The Group

"Not only did it give me more energy (probably more than I have experienced in 20 years), it gave me more mental clarity and more stamina. 😏 But the best part was stepping on the scale and finding out I had lost 39 pounds! 😱 "  

- Courtney L., Texas

I’ve been on Max and Kreme for 12 days now. I was a huge sugar junkie, especially when stressed (hello holiday craziness!) and I can’t believe it. I made 8 batches of goodies for gifts and didn’t eat any cookie dough or scarf down any treats. I went to a surprise bday party for my uncle last night and instead of presents, they did a dessert contest. I won a prize and wasn’t even interested in trying anything on the table! It wasn’t even about willpower, I was completely uninterested. That hasn’t happened in 42 years! This stuff is a GAME CHANGER!

- Charlie R., British Columbia

I have been on Ketones for 12 days now and besides the AMAZING!! WOW!!! Energy I have been so happy that my knee pain and stiffness is gone. I live on a farm and this cold weather just about did my knees in. It has been wonderful to not have it.  

I have also lost 4 lbs 😊

- Mindy B., Missouri

I’ve been studying and reading up about the “keto” way of life for 1.5 years. 

Since I’ve been taking exogenous ketones (drinking ketones) I've lost 14.5 lbs in 6 weeks.

- Cathy L., Louisiana

What Can "Ketones and Ketosis" Do For Me? Benefits List:

Drinking ketones and being in a state of "ketosis" one could expect these benefits (some in under 59 min, others over a consistent period of time): 

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Preservation
  • Fast & Sustained Energy
  • Reduces Brain Fog
  • Increased Focus
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Strength Gain
  • Better Mood
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Digestion
  • Clear Skin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I lose weight with this product? A: Yes. The primary function of ketones is to help you feel better. That includes fat loss and weight loss. Making better daily decisions with your activity level, watching what you are eating, and drinking ketones help you in your journey. Your results will vary and the best advice we can give you is to take this seriously and get on going support from Courtney's Facebook Group "Getting Skinny With Courtney" as this isn't a sprint to the finish line. 

Q: How do I use this product? A: One drink a day in the morning with ICE water (recommend 16-24oz) based on taste. Ideally on an empty stomache in the early morning. Go slow and don't "chug it".

Q: Do I have to change my diet? A: Not necessarily. Normally to achieve nutritional ketosis you would need to eat a very strict ketogenic diet and could take days to weeks to get into that state. You can drink ketones and experience the benefits faster but of course eating a healthier diet will enhance the benefits of the ketones in your body. If you continue to eat Standard American Diet (SAD) which is high in sugar, the effectiveness of the ketones will be lessened. 

Q: Can I Become a Promoter of Ketones and get paid? A: There is a promoter annual membership fee of $37/year. Please contact an Admin in Courtney's Ready to Pruvit FB Group Here.

Q: Is there a Refund policy? A: Option 1: 10 packet variety - If within the first 30 days you are not satisfied with the product, you may contact the admin you purchased from to setup a return of the (unused/sellable) packets for a refund of the product purchase amount, minus shipping and handling charges incurred. Option 2: From Pruvit - click here for details

Q: I already eat low carb, paleo, keto, atkins diet.... will this help? A: YES. Eating a healthy diet is the #1 step to a healthier life. Drinking ketones on top of a healthy diet will lead to some of the benefits listed above.

Q: Is it a protein shake? Is it like XYZ product? A: No. This is not like anything else you have taken in the past and the only way to know if it can help you is to try it out.

Q: I live in XYZ country. Can I get some ketones? A: Click option 2 to see which countries we can ship ketones to today. 

Q: No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners A: No refrigeration is required but keep at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Q: Payment options (Canada, Australia, Asia prices vary), Please ask an admin in the FB group for current pricing. A: 10 packet variety = $75 (shipping included USA), paypal only A: From Pruvit direct = Visa, Master card, Discover, American Express 

Q: I'm going grocery shopping. What should I buy? A: Of course having a healthy inventory of ketones and keto kreme should always be in the pantry. For ideas to what to buy on a Ketogenic diet to support your daily Ketone drink Courtney has this list for you: Courtney's Grocery Keto List

Q: Is this a meal replacement? A: NO. Short answer is this product helps you utilize your body's Fat for Fuel. Stay tuned to Courtney's Facebook Group "Getting Skinny With Courtney" for receipes and ideas.

Q: What if I hit my weight goal? Do I stop? A: Look at the benefits listed above. Do you want that to stop?

Q: How do I get free ketone products as a customer? A: Step 1 is to be on "smartship" as a customer. Details listed here.

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